Thursday, March 03, 2005


Please remember that Friday, March 18th is your last swimming day. I hope you have enjoyed your swimming lessons. Please remember to thank you swimming teacher.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous philip holmes said...

my name is philip holmes
i used to go to that school a long time ago!
a diffrent time im 34 years old now so that should give you a time frame mrs turcott was my teacher at the time there "Special education" unit mr lee was the pricapial
at the time now this is all i can remember my memory is not what it used to be when i was young and well young thank you ever so much .
my e-mail is
and agian my name is philip Bruce Holmes. i lived in moose jaw from 1980 till 1987.
good year's if you find anything out about me and my passed that would be fabulious if you forwarded it to me in my hotmail thank you ever so much for your time ...



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